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Everyone knows that trees are cut down everyday. But do you know how much? Research studies say about 2.47 million trees are cut down every daytrees in the world are cut down every day. Its true that trees are cut down because we need wood and paper, but it harmful if we  waste what we get from trees. Some people have devoted themselves to saving paper and recycling. Can you be a tree saver?


Do you think you are a tree saver? If so, email and type in this code; LM_are_you_a_tree_saver_test You will recieve a test to do, and your results will come 3-9 days after.

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(This is NOT our video. We put it on this website in hopes it would interest you and make you care more about deciduous forests.) By: Thrisha Moose in deciduous forests are dieing everydayfor no apparant reason. Most scienstists think it is global warming. In the mid 1980’s more than 4,000 moose lived in North westen Minnesotta. now there are about 100 moose roaming. Most people think it is because of hunters that these loving creatures are dissapearing so quickl. But, after reasearch some scientists this could be because of global warming. Also, in other parts of a world moose are dying quickly because of this parasite moose are getting killed at rapid speed. This para site is also putting a hold to hunting season(hunters are groaning everywhere) . You will get more news ones scientists are find a cure.
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                                             By: Thrisha