Store Deciduous Forests

One tree

Trees are amazing. They provide shade and oxygen. This item is rated 5 stars, and so far over 150 across the world has bought one. Still not sure? We include free shipping.  Click buy now today! $100.00             

A bunch of flowers!

Want to smell the nice scent of fresh forest flowers? Your not the only one! This 4 star rated item is perfect fro your home! It is guarunteed delight (unless your flower wilts when being shipped).  Well? What are you waiting for? Click buy now!   $25.00             

One bear

Want a bear? We’re not talking about cute cuddly teddy bears! How about a big vicous one? Many of you would click buy now immediately, but others may be sqeaking in fear. The thing is, you can use your bear to chase your enemies, and to feed your rotten fish too. Are you still hesitating? Click buy now! $1000.00        

One Eagle

Buy the American Bald Eagle!  This rapter is the symbol of the United States. It is also the largest raptor in the U.S.A.  Please join the 110 other Americans in buying this large bird.  WARNING: DO NOT PUT THIS EAGLE NEAR OTHER ANIMALS OR THEY WILL BE GONE!

A pot of Lady Fern

Looking for a cool new plant to put in you house?  Try the lady fern! Theese ferns like shade s when placing your plant please keep that in mind. Theese ferns are a 4 and a half star item so buy today!  WARNING: LADY FERNS CAN BE USED TO HEAL PAIN AND GET RID OF WORMS, BUT TO MUCH OIL CAN RESULT IN BLINDNESS!

A Eastern Chipmunk

Theese are purfect for anyone looking for a cute little animal to have around the yard!  If buying a chipmunk, please keep some food for it including: nuts, seeds, mushrooms, berries, or bugs.  WARNING: EASTERN CHIPMUNKS WILL ALSO EAT BIRD EGGS, BABY BIRDS, FLOWER BULBS, AND FRUIT.  PLEASE KEEP FED.                    
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